It owes its success to the balanced mix of past and present with proposals of classic furnishings combining excellent materials, careful craftsmanship, exclusive details and customized solutions.

From the iconic Afra e Tobia Scarpa’s items to the modernism revisited by Antonio Citterio, Maxalto collections have been following the evolution of high quality furniture for 40 years.

The search for the highest quality materials and manufacturing is the goal of excellence declared by the name of the brand: Maxalto comes from the Venetian dialect “massa alto”, which means “the highest”. Wood, in particular, is the main material, with the choice to highlight all its qualities, drawing inspiration from the rarest craftsmanship techniques preserving the great Brianza heritage of contents and wisdom of processing. From collection to collection, always looking for a different piece, a missing colour, a new material, the proposal of the finishes expands through a sustained path of excellence in the attention to detail and in the quality of artisan manufacture.

Maxalto production is enclosed in five distinct collections, but mutually consistent and coordinated, full of proposals for those who love the contemporary under the sign of tradition, for those seeking functional solutions without renouncing elegant suggestions:

  • APTA COLLECTION is rich and varied, it is proposed with important pieces for every room in the house. The furnishings play a leading role, along with a textile research that seeks harmonies in shades and textures.
  • SIMPLICE COLLECTION is characterized by strong signs that combine modernity and… Chairs, tables and accessories, precious finishing and details, for interiors with sophisticated esprit.
  • AC COLLECTION is precious and accurate in the processing of materials, it presents important pieces and original solutions. From the dining room to the library, from the living room to the bedrooms, it reinterprets the past with its strong personality.
  • ACRO COLLECTION proposes few significant pieces such as the important console and the deep library. It also adds to the different essences the red brick of the lacquered interiors.
  • LUX COLLECTION born from the desire of new accents and unexpected effects. So, not only wood but also a special finish “shellac effect” that adds glamour to the area.

In addition to the five collections of series, MAXALTO ATELIER offers the possibility to customize the products, both in terms of size and finishings. Furniture and home accessories are manufactured with special dimensions in height, width and / or depth, as indicated by the customer. The experience of the interior decoration is the core philosophy of Maxalto, aware that the right of colours, texture and materials is essential to create the desired atmosphere. The finishings can be special for materials and / or for color of “the sample”.