Flexform Mood is a unique collection of furnishings in a relaxed style, infused with a special allure. Precious, exclusive, high quality craftsmanship, it updates and modernizes a style that is something between deco and retro. Suitable for homes and offices, it speaks an international language and seduces with its eclectic nature, combined with a contemporary taste that is the basis of what is classical. Proportions, fabrics, materials, finishings, colors, all come together in a balanced and sophisticated cosmopolitan style of great classical elegance.

Decades spent working on the overall quality of a product, innovating technique and honing taste.
A unique expertise, profoundly rooted in the company’s DNA, as well as in the territory.
A significant contribution of expert skills in the production of high-quality craftsmanship allows for that attention to detail that only “handmade goods” can give.
Flexform Mood is a complete home collection that touches various environments of the home, from the bedrooms to the living spaces. A constellation of furnishings that are in dialogue among themselves, in unison, generating that ‘mood’ that instills feelings of warmth and security.