B&B Italia Luxury furniture

B&B Italia has a unique style and charm, it is the Italian leader in sales in the field of luxury furniture and furnishing accessories, distinguished nationally and internationally for its stunning quality, the innovative styling and prestigious designs. With B&B Italia furnishing accessories it is easy to create the perfect environment which completely suits the needs of a customer both fascinated by a timeless elegance and by the contemporary style dynamic lines.

Sofa, armchairs and chaise longue made up of noble woods

B&B Italia operates in the highest end of the real estate market, ensuring maximum comfort and attention to details for sofas, armchairs and chaise longue. If you need us to design your living room, we guarantee the best results in terms of design, comfort and quality of the finished product, everything rigorously made in Italy.

In particular, we deal with the sale of the following products:

  • B&B Italia sofas represent an alchemy of innovation, high expression of fashion design and need to satisfy a demanding client. They have always helped, with the armchairs of the same brand, to make Italian style famous throughout the world.
  • B&B Italia armchairs mean taste, ergonomic technology and stylistic creativity. B&B Italia sofas will enhance their shapes and colours when combined with their “younger sisters”.
  • B&B Italia chaise lounge chairs draw inspiration from the highest historical expression of luxury: a chair on which the noble lords spent their time in their living rooms. Is there any other element which could give the room a more classic and elegant touch of a chaise lounge? B&B Italia long experience in the field of luxury will give your living room a comfortable accessory redesigned in accordance with the current trends.
A luxury kitchen with B&B Italia chairs and tables

The Italian spirit is best expressed in its culinary culture. Tables and chairs are not a secondary accessory, but the real heart of the kitchen, they represent its essence and personality.

A kitchen with B&B Italia tables and chars, will be the perfect environment to prepare delicious dishes and enjoy meals in total comfort, in a warm, cozy and stylish place. 6B Arredamenti will help you find the most functional system for your kitchen, ensuring the satisfaction of the people of the house and raising the appreciation of your guests.

6B Arredamenti will help you design your kitchen with B&B Italia tables and chairs which meet your taste, and will offer assistance for any kind of future requests.

Tables and writing desks B&B Italia for a high style studio area

If you are planning a space for your personal use or for your children, do not be satisfied: B&B Italia writing desks can make the workplace a pleasant and comfortable environment, helping you to keep you stress free during the hours of study or work.
B&B Italia writing desks and tables are perfect even for office locations and offer a prestigious workplace, creating the right proposals to meet customers in an environment worthy of note.
Spaces can be completed by B&B Italia storage systems, which harmonize perfectly with tables and writing desks of the same brand, proudly Made in Italy.

B&B Italia wardrobes and beds for a dream bedroom

Bedroom is an essential part of the house: a place of relax and intimacy which deserves a special attention in design and furnishings. If you rely on B&B Italia systems you will meet professionalism, serenity and a suitable environment for all the needs of luxury furniture lovers.

  • B&B Italia wardrobes have always been an expression of Italian style and high manufacturing care of details. The wide choice of colors and shapes ensure the design of a first class bedroom.
  • A B&B Italia bed will take you to a dream dimension that will rock you gently every night or make it extremely pleasing your hours of rest. And with a guarantee for the future:  6B Arredamenti sales service will make you rest easy!
B&B Italia systems for a perfect house

B&B Italia systems are the result of a continuous research and internal development, which coordinates the work of prestigious international designers. Each piece of furniture contains technology, quality and creativity, which contribute to the design of a unique system of its kind. B&B Italia  furnishing accessories will captivate you and will never disappoint you.

Sale, assistance and superlative design

Contact us for a free quote. Our experience in dealing with the luxurious furniture of the Made in Italy brands will help you furnish your house: from design to after sales. 6B Arredamenti has the right solution if you love B&B Italia systems style.

Our range of products offers the sale of the following B&B Italia items:
  • B&B Italia sofas
  • B&B Italia armchairs
  • B&B Italia chaise lounge chairs
  • B&B Italia chairs
  • B&B Italia tables
  • B&B Italia small tables
  • B&B Italia writing desks
  • B&B Italia beds
  • B&B Italia storage systems
  • B&B Italia systems
  • B&B Italia wardrobes
  • B&B Italia furnishings
  • B&B Italia furnishing accessories

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