With our 1,000 square metres of exhibition, we offer the possibility to choose the products that are closest to the customer’s expectations of taste and cost.

1,000 square meters of the best products, from libraries to TV stands, from kids’ bedrooms to kitchens, from beds to upholstered furniture, from baths to outdoor, from offices to complement furniture.

Our goal is to show our clients as many interior settings as possible in order to help him choose and combine in the best way all the furniture of his house and office.

That is why our showroom is extremely dynamic and articulated, you will always find the main news and the latest collections offered by the brand that we represent revisited and arranged according to our point of view, as your home and your office must be yours only…

Our high quality furniture is designed to last and will be delivered and assembled in a fully functional way.


Viale Borri, 6bis,
21053 Castellanza (VA) – Italy

Opening times:
Tuesday to Saturday: 09-12 am 03,00-07,00 pm;
Monday: 03,00-07,00 pm

Phone: +39 0331-1773048

Fax: +39 0331-1773183